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Kirk started writing articles for his blog around the time his first book was published (September 2011). Not having any other bright ideas at the time, he adopted the book title as his “brand” for the blog. Over time, Shaky Paws Grampa (SPG) has become his “identity” in the PD world. The good news is that he hasn’t had to fight anybody for it and there was no competition for the web address (understandably).

He didn’t have any clear goals in mind for the blog when he started other than to make his target audience the “PD world”, opting to write about what ever inspired him at the moment. Over time, various themes emerged:

Book or writing-related
PD-related information
Clinical research study advocacy/participation
Cognition issues
Living with PD-personal
PD meeting/conference announcements
SPG speaking engagements, media interviews, and webinars
Calls to action

Three years later, he has posted 120 articles that have been viewed by readers from over 60 countries around the world.
Kirk Hall

World Parkinson's Day

World Parkinson’s Disease Day

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I was contacted a couple weeks ago by my friends at the European Parkinson Disease Association (EPDA).  They asked if I would help publicize the upcoming World Parkinson Disease which they support.  Of course, I told them I would be happy to mention this important event on my PD facebook page and blog.

The information below is from the website:

World Parkinson’s Disease Day marks the birthday of Dr. J Parkinson. On this day there are efforts made to increase the public awareness of this terrible disease, as well as all the good works put forth by the worlds organizations dedicated to eradicating this disease. There are activities to promote this the entire world over, and the opportunity to participate is open to any and all who want to help in this effort.

One of the popular ways of supporting the awareness of this disease is participating in marathons in cities throughout the world. The number of countries that are participating in this expand every year, including Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia, Fulvio Captinio, the USA, and an increasing number with every passing year.

Dr. Parkinson first described the disease in “An Essay on the Shaking Palsy”, he described a pattern of lessened muscular power, involuntary tremulous motion, even if these are supported. There is at tendency to bend the body forwards, and to involuntarily switch from a walking to a running pace, while the sense and intellect deteriorate.

One of the prominent symbols of Parkinson’s disease is the red tulip, and this was established at the 9th World Parkinson’s disease Day at the Luxembourg Conference. The story of the Red Tulip can be tied back to J.W.S. Van der Wereld, a Dutch Horticulturalist who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. He had successfully generated a Red and White Tulip, and named it in honor of the man who named his medical condition. On the tail of this, the Tulip received the Award of Merit, granted by the Royal Horticultural Society in London, and then was granted the Royal General Bulb Growers, Trial Garden Award.
Many people do not understand what Parkinson’s is, or are unaware of how to identify it. In the interest of promoting awareness of this disease, a simplified description follows. It is a disorder that results in the degeneration of the central nervous system, and directly impacts those that nerves that handle motor functions for the body as a whole. As the disease advances, it becomes apparent from the slowness of their body, and the increasing stiffness of their limbs that there is a developing problem. Their limbs will begin to shake uncontrollably as it gets further on, and eventually an entire scope of additional symptoms will develop as more and more motor functions are impacted. Sufferers are often tired, and memory problems become more apparent as time goes on.

What can you do to help out on this important day? As mentioned above there are numerous marathons and walk-a-thons that take place to help generate donations to support the ongoing research into this condition. You can work together with your friends and family to help organize refreshment stands or bake sales to produce more funds to donate to research groups.

You can also organize larger events at your local parks, or even with your local schools. You could work together with them to create a day where there are educational courses about the disease, and musical performances to generate money for donations. Whatever you do, remember that this day is dedicated to an open awareness of this disease, and to help support those groups and organizations that are intent on eradicating or controlling this illness. So on World Parkinson’s Disease Day, make sure you talk to those in your life about it, and encourage them to join the fight!

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Kirk Hall

Denver Area PD Community Awareness Events


Community Awareness Events

Your participation in the Parkinson Association’s Community Awareness Eventscreates opportunities to provide vital support and services to Coloradoan’s with Parkinson’s. Through these events you also generate general awareness of Parkinson’s disease; which it critically important for all who are serving individuals with Parkinson’s and their families.

Annually, the Parkinson Association hosts signature community awareness events: the Vitality Walk and Party for Parkinson’s events. We also highly encourage you to host an event to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease while also raising funds for the Parkinson Association’s programs and services. See below for more information.

We are deeply grateful for your participation and for the community partnerships we have for all our Community Awareness Events.


Parkinson Association’s Signature Events

walklogoVitality Walk - Enhancing Lives With Every Step


15th annual Vitality Walk Save the Date - Sunday, June 4, 2017


Two Sites, 2,000 Steps and One Unforgettable Experience

Wash Park, Denver & Sandstone Ranch, Longmont

Annually, on the first Sunday in June, the Parkinson Association hosts its Vitality Walk. Since 2002, this pledge walk has raised significant funds for the Parkinson Association of the Rockies' programs and services and awareness for Parkinson's disease.

Walk the Walk that connects communities and enhances lives... Walk the Vitality Walk.  

14th Annual Vitality Walk Results

Sunday, June 5th, was a gorgeous day for the 14th Annual Vitality Walk. Thank you to the 1,419 registered walkers who participated on the 106 teams in support of the Walk benefitting the Parkinson Association.

Team Power Punch Parkinson's had the largest team with 116 members (some walking in Wash Park in Denver, some walking in Sandstone Ranch in Longmonth and others walking in a Choose to Snooze location at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs)! They were closely followed by Team Longmont Locomotion, which had 99 registered team members. Team Jackson was the top fundraising team, bringing in $48,000. Team CAMP YOUNG was voted by KOOL 105 as 2016's Most Spirited Team due to the tenacity one of their team members showed when crossing the finish line once, twice and even three times was just not enough!

We are deeply grateful for all your support! As of this moment the Vitality Walk has raised over $183,000 to benefit the programs and services provided by the Parkinson Association of the Rockies.

Logo in blue

About Party for Parkinson’s

The Party for Parkinson’s events, benefitting the Parkinson Association of the Rockies’ programs and services, are expected to raise significant funds while generating community awareness for Parkinson’s disease. These events also serve as an opportunity for us to thank our generous supporters. Through their commitment, we have enhanced, improved and created new programs and services to help Coloradoan’s thrive with Parkinson’s.

We look forward to celebrating with you at an upcoming Party for Parkinson's Event!

Party for Parkinson’s - Party in The City

Join us for an evening of festive drinks and delicious food. This event also includes entertainment, games, an auction and is a celebration of accomplishments and recognition to all those who have supported the Parkinson Association.

October 13, 2017

Mile High Station | 2027 Old West Colfax Ave., Denver

6:00pm Cocktails | 7:30pm Dinner & Live Auction

General Admission $150/person 

Party for Parkinson’s - Party with a House (What House? The Gingerbread House!)
Join us in a competition for the best decorated gingerbread house while raising awareness of Parkinson's disease. Event participants will be provided with a pre-built gingerbread house, frosting and candy decorations; and are encouraged to add some flair to their home with personal decorations. This festive event provides an opportunity to welcome the holiday season and spread some cheer while creating memories you'll cherish with your family, friends, co-workers, group/club members and more. Looking for a team-building activity? This event also provides and opportunity to have smaller/exclusive competitions within the overall event competition!

Saturday in December, 2017

Location TBD

$25.00/House (Suggested maximum: four participants/house)

Hosted Community Awareness Events

Sharing Your Story to Make a Difference
Does fundraising sound like a scary thing? Does the thought of asking for a gift make you queasy? Why is that? Many people think that in order to make a difference you have to contribute thousands of dollars. This really isn’t the case. Actually, building community awareness is more important than the dollars raised. Read more about how sharing your story can make a difference. 

Get Our Community Involved in National Parkinson’s Awareness Month
Do you have a restaurant, coffee shop or boutique you often frequent? Do you have a friend or family member who is a manager or owner of an establishment? Do you work in an office that doesn’t normally have a casual dress code?

April is National Parkinson’s Awareness Month and this is a great opportunity to get our community involved in raising awareness of Parkinson’s disease. Print this letter and ask the general manager, your friend or your supervisor to partner with you and the Parkinson Association to Raise Awareness and Enhance Lives during April!

Allow them to pick a partnership opportunity that works for them. A dollar for every cookie sold in April will be donated to the Parkinson Association, ten percent of the dinner proceed will be contributed, every employee who want to wear jeans on Fridays in April pays five dollars which will support the Association’s programs and services. The opportunities for partnership are endless – and the awareness raised for Parkinson’s is immeasurable.

Share with others the complete face of Parkinson’s and let get our community involved in raising awareness.

Write a letter to the editor, write your congressman, help get a proclamation signed by your city mayor.  Be sure to ask for a photo of the mayor signing the proclamation with you and your friends by your side. 

Partnerships for Community Awareness Events

In-Kind Contributions for Parkinson Association Community Awareness Events
We utilize in-kind contributions for drawing prizes, through Prize-a-Plooza and as auction items at our Community Awareness Events. We would be honored if you contributed items or gift cards to our events. Please send this form with your contribution.

For more information on all fundraising events and sponsorship opportunities please contact Kari Buchanan at or (303) 830-1839

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